My works in vocal synthesis

From 2011 to 2018, I worked as an amateur and professional in singing vocal synthesis. More precisely, I was creating vocal libraries used by various libraries, mainly UTAU and Alter/Ego.


I began working with UTAU first by the end of 2011 on an unnamed and deleted Japanese vocal library. While I didn’t maintain it for long, mainly due to its bad recording quality (I recorded it with a low-end desktop microphone) and configuration, it did teach me the basics of creating vocal libraries and working with audio files.

In October 14th, 2012, I released my second vocal library, named BSUP01 KEINE Tashi JPN VCV which was of higher quality both due to the recording equipment, manner of recording, and configuration, though still relatively average for the time. My best work with this series of vocal libraries was BSUP01 KEINE Tashi JPN Extend Power, a high-energy voice made in similar circumstances but with yet again better know-how.

This series of vocal libraries also featured BSUP01 KEINE Tashi TIB CVVC and BSUP02 Drolma TIB, the two first Tibetan vocal libraries for singing vocal synthesis worldwide.

I later created in UTAU ALYS 001 JPN, ALYS 001 FRA, and ALYS 002 FRA as prototypes, known as ALYS4UTAU, for our upcoming product while working at VoxWave.

While all these vocal libraries have been discontinued, vocal libraries for BSUP01 KEINE Tashi and ALYS are available for download. Please refer to the following pages:


Alter/Egoopen in new window is a singing vocal synthesis engine made by Plogue in new window. ALYS was its first commercial vocal library as well as the first professional singing vocal library available in French.

Due to the architecture and behaviour of Alter/Ego, important changes had to be done to the recording script for ALYS (later re-used for LEORA). Including the development of the new recording scripts, the initial development period for ALYS spanned well over a year, with some additional eight to nine months for its first major update.

ALYS for Alter/Ego, also known as ALYS4AE, is available free of charge as a module for Alter/Ego