Hi, I’m Lucien Cartier-Tilet, a consultant working at Aubayopen in new window.

I studied for my Masters 2 degree in THYP (in French: Technologies de l’Hypermédia, in English: Hypermedia Technologies) at the Université Vincennes Saint-Denis (Paris 8).

I worked at VoxWave from 2012 to 2018 as its co-founder and CTO. During that time, I developed French singing vocal libraries for vocal synthesizers, known as ALYS and LEORA.

I’m a free software enthusiast, using GNU/Linux since 2008 and Emacs since 2016.

I spend my personnal programming projects as well as on my constructed worlds and languages. I also like to go climbing, and hiking whenever I have the opportunity to.

I speak natively French, and English at a native level. I also speak some Japanese, Lingua Franca Novaopen in new window, and Norwegian Bokmål.

This website is also available on Gemini as gmi.phundrak.com/en!