Profesionnal Experiences

Aubay (2023 - )

  • Consultant since September 2023
  • Internship from early February to early August 2023
  • Web app development
  • Usage of Angular, Java Spring Boot, Spring Batch, and PostgreSQL

VoxWave (2014 - 2018)

Startup specialized in the creation of French virtual singers using vocal synthesis. Its best known product is ALYS. More here.

  • Co-founder
  • Development of singing synthesis vocal libraries
  • Linguistic research
  • User support
  • Recruit training for vocal libraries development


2nd Year Master’s Degree (University of Paris 8)

Year repeated due to health issues with no long-lasting consequences.

1st Year Master’s Degree (University of Paris 8)

Computer Science Bachelor Degree (University of Paris 8)

English Literature (University of Lyon 2)

Studied for a year and a half until the creation of VoxWave.

Web Programming


  • Regularly using Angular, Vue, and Node.js
  • Good knowledge in HTML5, CSS3 (including SASS, SCSS, and LESS), and Javascript
  • I know my way around in Python, Dart, and TypeScript
  • Learning React and Next.js


System Programming

  • Experienced in Rust, C and EmacsLisp knowledge
  • I know my way around C++, Python, and UNIX shells (bash, fish, Eshell)
  • Limited knowledge in Prolog and Scheme

Development Tools

IDEs and Text Editors

  • Advanced user of Emacs, including its LSP and Git integrations
  • Good knowledge of Git (including Magit under Emacs), VS Code, and Eclipse
  • Basic knowledge of Vim, CLion, Pycharm, and WebStorm

CI/CD and Deploying to the Web

  • Experienced with web servers such as Nginx and Caddyserver
  • Good knowledge of virtualization and deployment with Docker and Docker Compose for virtualization, Drone.ioopen in new window, and GitHub Actions for deployment.

Operating Systems

  • Usage and administration of Linux (Arch Linux, Void Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine Linux)
  • Administration of web servers and storage servers (Arch Linux, Debian, Raspbian, Alpine Linux)
  • Basic knowledge with Guix System and NixOS, and Windows XP through 10 (except Vista)

Office Applications

  • Good knowledge with org-mode (main tool), LaTeX
  • I know my way around LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, OnlyOffice, and WPS Office


Singing Vocal Synthesis

  • Development and creation of vocal libraries for VOCALOID3, Alter/Ego, Chipspeech, and UTAU
  • Usage of VOCALOID 2 through 4, Alter/Ego, Chipspeech, UTAU, CeVIO Creative Studio

Audio Engineering

  • Music writing and mix software: FL Studio
  • Audio repair and cleaning: iZotope RX
  • Mastering: T-RackS CS